Study-Works offers one on one tutoring in your home with certified teachers from Connecticut. Every child's program is custom-tailored to meet his or her academic goals and needs. Our teachers strive to make learning engaging and fun and genuinely relate to each student which supports self confidence and academic growth. With hard work and individual attention, students learn that they can accomplish their goals with ease. Successful learning requires a focus on the individual in order to unlock every child's potential. Our work in reading, writing, math and study skills promotes self- motivation and organization. We guarantee progress with committed learners.

Director/Teacher/Tutor: Janie Larson is a certified teacher with more than 35 years of teaching experience. Named Ridgefield's 2008 Teacher of the Year, she is the founder and Director of Study-Works. In 2010, Mrs. Larson "retired" from her position of teacher and department leader of social studies at Scotts Ridge Middle School in Ridgefield. She continues to share her love and expertise in teaching through her work in Study-Works. Personal references available upon request.

Cost: $90/hour